Steve Kershaw has been a Guest Speaker for Swan Hellenic Cruises since 1989 when he gave his first lectures on board MTS Orpheus. Since that time he has travelled on some 37 cruises involving three ships, two naming ceremonies, one maiden voyage and a promotional video. In 2013 Steve will talk about the Classical world in Greece and the Black Sea, and about Cuban music in the Caribbean.


April 2013: http://www.swanhellenic.com/cruise-itinerary.html?cruise_date=2013-04&search=1&Search=Search&cruiseid=18667


December 2013: http://www.swanhellenic.com/cruise-itinerary.html?cruise_date=2013-12&search=1&Search=Search&cruiseid=18739

Learn Italy

Learn Italy is a small British company based in Oxford, offering study holidays that combine relaxation with learning. They provide a variety of long weekend or one-week breaks designed to celebrate the unique qualities of Italy and things Italian: cities, art, food and wine, and the Italian way of life. Taking an interest in the country you are visiting is not at odds with rest and recreation. Ideas and knowledge make lasting souvenirs. Learn Italy holidays combine information with pleasure, in settings of great beauty and interest. You will be encouraged to understand and enjoy the richness of Italian culture by experts on history and art. The focus will always remain primarily on Italy, but they also organise study visits to other European countries, and may perhaps go further afield. Steve lead trips to the Bay of Naples region in 2009 and 2013, and plans are in place for a visit to Ancient Roman Rome..

For more information and booking, see: http://www.learn-italy.com/campania.html

Royal Hebridean

Steve did one blissful cruise as a Guest Speaker for Royal Hebridean Cruises. Sadly they no longer operate the Hebridean Spirit and have ceased to offer Mediterreanean Cruises.

Private Tours

Steve does occasionally take private tours to Greece and Turkey. In 2012 he ran a tour of Greece, and in 2014 he plans to take a group to Turkey.

The Greek tour was organised by the excellent Viking Yacht Cruises. You can find them on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Viking-Yacht-Cruises/128514837201219?ref=ts&fref=ts

For more information, please contact Steve directly:

Contact details

E-mail: DrSPKershaw@msn.com