Steve on stage with Jamie Cullum at the Royal Festival Hall, London

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Out West, HTV, with False Idols
The Clothes in the Wardrobe, BBC Screen 2, with The Honkin' Hep Cats
Great Moments in Aviation, BBC Screen 1, with The Honkin' Hep Cats
ITV Telethon, with The Honkin' Hep Cats
The National Lottery Draw Live, BBC TV
BBC TV, Trails for the 1st and 3rd 1997 Ashes Cricket Tests, with The Honkin' Hep Cats
BBC 2, Live performance from Ronnie Scott's Club, London, with Stekpanna
The Family Channel, Russia.
Televideniye SSSR, Russia: Live performances from the Fifty Years of October concert hall,
Voronezh, 2002
Worldart Media Television: live performance from the Edinburgh Festival.
Channel 6 (UK): Live performances with Russian jazz stars.
TV Arkhangelsk: Live performance from the Amadeus Club, Arkhangelsk.
Televideniye SSSR, Russia: Live performances from Festival Jazz Province 2004.
Havana Jazz Festival from the Teatro de Bellas Artes and the Casa de la Cultura.
46TV Russia – live footage and interview, 2011.
Chanel 1, Russia – live footage and interview, 2011.


National Music Day Cabaret Show, BBC Radio 2
The Usual Suspects, BBC Radio Scotland
Jungr and Parker at the Edinburgh Festival, BBC Radio 2
Loose Ends, BBC Radio 4
The Mary Costello Show, GLR
BBC Radio 5 Live
Breakfast Breakout, BBC Radio 2
Honkin' With the Hep Cats at the Edinburgh Festival, BBC Radio 2
Ed Stewart Roadshow, BBC Radio 2
Danmarks Radio
Live at the Lemon Tree, BBC Radio Scotland
C'Rock, France
Eko Voronezh, Russia
Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE 1): Live from the Kaamosjazz Festival, Finland
Jazzmatazz, BBC World Service: Steve is featured speaking about Stekpanna's Russian
Juice FM: Live in the studio from the Brighton Festival


Honkin' With the Hep Cats at the Edinburgh Festival, BBC Radio 2


  • 100 Club, London
  • 606 Club, London
  • Ålborg Jazz and Blues Festival, Denmark
  • Alexandra Palace, London
  • Amiens Cathedral, France
  • Århus Jazz Festival, Denmark
  • Barbican Centre, London
  • BBC Broadcasting House, London
  • BBC Music Live
  • Big Cuba Fiesta at Respect 2004
  • Birmingham International Jazz Festival
  • Brighton Festival
  • Bryansk Jazz Festival, Russia
  • Casa de la Cultura, Havana, Cuba
  • Chantier Naval Opéra, Antibes, France
  • Cheltenham Jazz Festival
  • City of London Festival
  • Coconut Teaser, Los Angeles, USA
  • Cork International Jazz Festival, Ireland
  • Edinburgh Jazz Festival
  • Galway Festival, Ireland
  • Havana Jazz Festival, Cuba
  • Hermitage Jazz Festival, Moscow
  • International Jazz Day, London
  • Islington International Festival
  • Jazz à Vienne, France
  • Jazz Café, London
  • Jazz Klub Fasching, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Jazz Over the Volga Festival, Russia
  • Jazz Province Festival, Russia
  • Jazz Y Blues, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Kaamosjazz Festival, Finland
  • Keitelejazz Festival, Finland
  • Keswick Jazz Festival
  • Le Club, Moscow
  • Lenin Memorial Centre, Ulianovsk, Russia
  • Lithuanian Embassy, Moscow
  • London Jazz Festival
  • Manchester Free Trade Hall
  • Marlborough International Jazz Festival
  • Musikhuset, Århus, Denmark
  • MV Minerva, naming ceremony
  • National Theatre, London
  • Oxbridge Summer Balls
  • Oxford Contemporary Music
  • PalmJazz Festival, Poland
  • Pinewood Film Studios
  • Pizza Express, London
  • Purcell Room, London
  • Queen Elizabeth Hall, London
  • Rainbowjazz Festival, Estonia
  • Ronnie Scott's Club, London
  • Rachmaninov Hall, Moscow
  • Royal Festival Hall, London
  • Scotland on Sunday, 10th Birthday Party
  • Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford
  • Skolkovo Jazz Science Festival, Russia 
  • Sligo Festival, Ireland
  • Soho Jazz Festival
  • State Jazz Philharmonic Hall, St Petersburg 
  • Stockholm Green Festival, Sweden
  • Tchaikovsky Conservatory, Moscow
  • Teatro de Caridad, Santa Clara, Cuba
  • Teatro Nacional, Havana, Cuba
  • Three Palaces Festival, Malta
  • Vortex, London
  • Wembley Conference Centre
  • Yaroslavl Jazz Centre, Russia


Spirit of the Fringe Award, Edinburgh Festival, 1994
Guardian Critics Choice, Edinburgh Festival 1995
Outstanding Vocational Honors Student, from GHS Strings, Musicians Institute 1996
Outstanding Student of the Year, from Fender, Bass Institute of Technology, 1996
Critics' Top Ten Track at the Jazz Times Convention, New York 1997
Jazz Services Touring Support Award, 1998
Jazz Services Touring Support Award, 2001
Southern Arts New Commission Award, 2002
Swedish Institute Award to assist funding of November 2002 Russian tour
Arts Council of England National Touring Award for 2003
The Guardian’s Pick of the Week (Marlborough Jazz Festival, with Latin From the North),
July 2003
Funding from Dansk Musiker Forbund for recording All For a Beautiful Life, 2003
The Guardian’s Pick of the Week (Stekpanna at Pizza Express), July 2004; (Stekpanna at
Stratford Jazz Club), July 2009.
Jazz Views Magazine Best 10 CDs of the Year, 2004 (Latin From the North)
Jazz Views Magazine Best 10 CDs of the Year, 2005 (All For a Beautiful Life)
Performing Rights Society Foundation/Jazz Services Promoters Award for the OxJaMS
series in 2007, 2012, 2013


Improvisación: Una Guía Completa para el Músico de Rock, Blues y Jazz, Luis D’Agostino &
Steve Kershaw, Ricordi Americana, Buenos Aires, 2003.
A New Tune a Day: Bass Guitar, Steve Kershaw, Boston Music Company, 2007.