Simple Harmonic Motion

Simple Harmonic Motion is  a fully integrated audio-visual performance group that combines stunning video animations with New Age / Contemporary Classical / Prog Rock sounds to create mesmerising performances where the architecture of the venue becomes an extra member of the band.

The band plays symphonic rock, often based on biblical subjects such as the story of Lazarus accompanied by an amazing light show that tells the story of their songs. The combination with Emma Brown's vocals is spot on.

Leiden News, November 2018

Led by composer and keyboardist Jonathan Beckitt, the group features Curtis E. Johnson on guitar, Steve Kershaw on double bass, bass guitars and electronics, Gerry O’ Riordan on drums, and Emma Brown on vocals. 

Check out this video for a behind-the-scenes insight into the thoughts behind the music:

Simple Harmonic Motion have performed in the UK, Denmark, Germany, France, and the Netherlands, mainly in very large churches including Amiens Cathedral, where the video projections and ambient acoustics provide the perfect environment for the group's music. 

You can watch a video of Simple Harmonic Motion performing 'Lamia' from their Tone Poems album here

The band has released three studio albums on Floating World Records: Tone Poems and Interludes, and Fantasia. They are currently working on a fourth release to 2023, Variations, which will again feature Emma Brown on vocals.

Check out Lazarus Variant from Fantasia here:


         INTERLUDES                                                                                 TONE POEMS       

Purchase Fantasia here: Fantasia – Floating World Records
Purchase Interludes here: Interludes – Floating World Records
Purchase Tone Poems here: Tone Poems – Floating World Records

You can check out Simple Harmonic Motion's website here